FERODO brake pads 

FERODO Platinum (Straße) - Bremsbeläge organisch

  • Production with licensed process for initial equipment
  • Effi cient in any weather
  • Aluminium-coated base plate for greater corrosion-resistance and to prevent the brake pistons sticking to the heated paint
  • Extremely high friction coeffi cient at all temperatures and speeds
  • Developed from the CP911 racing pad for super bikes
  • Ideal in connection with steel and cast discs
FERODO SinterGrip (Road)) - brake pads Sinter

  • Copper-plated base plate
  • Best possible mechanical connection between friction pad and base plate
  • Corrosion-resistant + Short run-in time
  • 3-fold higher durability compared with customary organic brake pads
  • 20% less disc wear in contrast to comparable, customary pads
  • Highest friction co-effi cient at all temperatures and speeds
  • Effi cient in all weather conditions
  • Developed in connection with grand prix teams
  • Suitable for steel brake discs