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Color codes for braided steel lines (line color + connectors)


We at Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH have been premium manufacturers for more than 30 years of steel braided lines, levers, Superbike conversions and motorcycle parts from the braking technology area. Our decades of experience in the development and construction of safety-relevant components on motorcycles is your and our big plus in terms of safety, accuracy of fit and driving pleasure. Our demands on our products and on ourselves are your guarantee for the finest premium quality, Made by Spiegler. The concentrated know-how and experience from our large pool of knowledge about motorcycles/models, driver types and material science flows into the planning and development of our parts. We only use the highest quality materials on the market for the construction of our products - where others save, Spiegler consistently uses the best raw materials, the finest alloys and the absolute top quality of the materials used. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process guarantees exact, tolerance-free production, construction errors are excluded through automated and standardized processes - for your safety and for your driving pleasure! Our steel braided lines consist of a stainless steel braided fabric of the highest quality in aviation standard. Already here there are big quality differences in the choice of material - At Spiegler we guarantee that only the very best quality is installed and used in our cables. The inner core of the lines consists of the original TEFLON and not a cheap imitation. The connections and fittings are made exclusively from the highest quality aluminum alloy or the best stainless steel. Our cables are almost indestructible, resistant to wind and weather, safe from marten bites.

All our steel braided lines are MADE IN GERMANY, in-house at Spiegler - with a 10-year guarantee!

Customer-oriented - production according to your specifications and wishes: Thanks to our modern manufacturing process, we are able to produce tailor-made steel braided lines for ALL applications in vehicle technology (motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles, bicycles...) and industry. According to customer specifications, we manufacture steel braided lines in all dimensions and with the required connections. We implement lines with pressed connections, as well as VARIO - screwed connections on your steel braided lines according to customer requirements. All connections can be rotated by 360° - optimal attachment guaranteed! This Spiegler philosophy is reflected in ALL our products. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer - what can we do for you? Please call us: +49 7667 / 906 64-0

Welcome to Spiegler – let us introduce ourselves

Like no other company in the German motorcycle industry, Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH stands for the highest quality in the manufacture of Steel braided lines for motorcycles and Steel braided lines for cars and the entire automotive sector, as well as for first-class service and product development in the entire motorcycle brake technology sector. The consistent use of innovative techniques, a team of employees who stand behind their products with passion and production on the most modern machines enable us to manufacture products at the highest level flexibly and purposefully, from prototype construction to series production.   The brand new ones Motorcycle brake & clutch levers Tusker PRO, Tusker, Classico and the BEAZON levers for Harley-Davidson bikes, impressively complement the PREMIUM product range with top values in all tests. The high-quality range is completed by the acquisition of the company GSG Mototechnik in 2022, which means that the range has increased by Motorcycle crash pads  further refined and supplemented.
For more than 30 years, SPIEGLER PREMIUM has been a manufacturer and competent contact for motorcyclists in everyday traffic and in professional racing.
Welcome to Spiegler – we are always there for you if you have any questions or need information:  +49 7667 / 906 64-0  

General information about our steel braided lines

Technical data of the steel braided lines:

  • Production according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 KBA
  • Fulfills US standard FMVSS 106 and DOT
  • Aviation standard stainless steel mesh with TEFLON© inner layer (PTFE) | optionally with or without plastic coating
  • Tensile strenght: > 249 kp
  • bursting pressure: > 1050 bars
  • tear strength 240 – 270 lbs
  • Minimum bend radius: 24mm
  • Operating temperatur: -75°C to + 260°C
  • Diameter: 3.2x6.2
  • Indestructible | robust | stable and absolutely insensitive to weather influences
  • Safe against marten bites
  • Non-flammable
  • Permanently pressure-resistant

Product information Steel braided lines

Our steel braided lines are practically indestructible and are not subject to any wear or aging process. A special seal between the fitting and the hose enables the cable to be laid without twisting. The plastic casing Steel braided fabric also protects against external influences such as salt, dirt, moisture and brake dust and is also reliable protection against mechanical stress such as friction/chafing and vibrations. Available in many colors for free!

fittings / connections

Aluminum: Aluminum fittings are mainly used for motorcycles. Available in the anodised colors silver, black, gold, red, blue, titanium and chrome Stainless steel: We use stainless steel connections for all car lines, as stainless steel is better suited to the heavier loads of car steel braided lines. However, you can also choose stainless steel connections for the motorcycle lines and for the custom-made products in the configurator.

ABE and TÜV approval of steel braided lines

ABE (general operating permit) Cables and parts with ABE are registration-free. Your exact vehicle type is listed in the ABE. The brake or clutch hose is marked with a unique KBA number by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. In the event of an inspection, the submission of the ABE is sufficient. TÜV parts certificate In the event that your vehicle is not listed in the ABE, or the installation of the hoses is carried out in a different way than the original, you need a parts certificate. This parts certificate certifies that your product has been tested and approved by TÜV or DEKRA and meets the standards. You will receive this parts certificate from us at the same time. Note: All lines in our Custom-made / made-to-measure configurators are manufactured for you, a parts certificate is included for easy registration with TÜV/DEKRA.

Areas of application for steel braided lines

SPIEGLER steel braided lines are used as brake and clutch lines in motorcycles, cars / motor vehicles / trucks and in industrial systems. Our steel braided lines are also suitable for all applications subject to tensile stress, such as convertible tops or similar. Our lines are generally approved for hydraulic systems/liquids.

Do I need additional parts for assembly?

Everything already included! Our steel flex kits contain all the parts required for installation - ready preconfigured. Simply install & drive off!

Explanation of the types of laying (SB, Alterntaiv...)

SB: is the designation for Superbike brake lines, suitable for high handlebars. The steel braided lines are delivered with an extended dimension. Alternatively: The alternative routing refers to a type of installation that differs from the original routing. In the graphic below you will find many types of laying illustrated.

Do I need new banjo bolts for assembly?

No, you can reuse the original banjo bolts. In our shop, however, you will find banjo bolts in various anodized colors and can therefore match the color of your brake line with the banjo bolts. It just looks good – perfectly styled!

Are the fittings/connections twistable?

Yes, the connections can be rotated 360° and are therefore very easy to turn into the exact position for perfect installation.

Advantages of the SPIEGLER steel braided lines

The SPIEGLER steel braided lines have been the lines of the highest quality for many years - made in Germany. Thanks to years of racing experience, the high-performance cables have been tried and tested and offer perfect properties:
  • Precise pressure point - Outstanding controllability
  • Reduced braking distance - Less leverage
  • Light, robust, resistant
  • Safe against marten bites and weather influences

Are made-to-measure steel braided lines also available?

Sure, of course! In our steel flex configurator you can create your steel flex lines in the size you want and with the connections of your choice. Of course, you will receive the expert opinion for a smooth entry of the custom-made line in the package! You can get our made-to-measure products in the Stahlflex configurator »

We manufacture steel flex lines for motorcycles, cars / motor vehicles, convertible tops, trains / lifting lines, brake and clutch lines made of steel flex and for all industrial applications to measure for you. Custom-made products in all formats – for all areas of application!

How do I correctly measure the cable length for custom-made products

If you would like a steel flex made to measure from one of our configurators, it is important to send us the correct cable length.

How to measure the correct cable length (length A1, see graphic):

  • For ring fittings, please always measure from hole center to hole center.
  • Always measure screw fittings to the end of the thread.