Braided steel brake hose for SUZUKI GSX-R 600 (WVB2) | 2004-2005 | Front brake

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Motorcycle steel braided brake line kit for SUZUKI GSX-R 600 with displacement 600 cm³, mounting location: front wheel

Additional accessories are required for the professional installation of this line kit. You can find this here
Laying: alternative

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  • The V1 line is the line that leads from the hand brake cylinder to the distributor or the brake system. Here you can optionally shorten or lengthen this line in 1 centimeter steps.
    Important: If you lengthen/shorten the V1 line here, the ABE is not applicable and you will receive a TÜV parts certificate for registration.

Required accessories - buy at the same time!

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With the original SPIEGLER motorcycle steel flex brake lines for SUZUKI GSX-R 600 WVB2 2004 - 2005 you achieve a completely new braking performance!

SPIEGLER steel braided lines for motorcycles - the ORIGINAL! Trust our decades of expertise and make no compromises! Optimum brake pressure point combined with outstanding dosing capability. For noticeably more safety. Tried and tested in racing & in daily use. Brake like the pros!

Product & model data / suitable for:

  • Brand:
  • Model:
    GSX-R 600
  • Type:
  • Displacement:
    600 cm³
  • Year of manufacture:
    2004 - 2005
  • Installation location:
    Front wheel
  • Lines in the set:
  • Laying:
Scope of delivery:
Number of lines: 2 pcs.
Our kits already contain all the lines and small parts required for installation.
Chargeable accessories for professional installation - if required for this line kit - can be found at HERE listed in the article.

Technical data:

  • Production according to international EC guidelines
  • Meets US Standard FMVSS 106 and DOT
  • High strength Aluminum and stainless steel fittings in many anodized colors
  • Steel mesh | optionally with or without plastic coating
  • Original TEFLON Inner layer (PTFE)
  • Tensile strength: > 240 Kp
  • Bursting pressure: 1050 bar
  • Minimum bending radius: 38mm
  • Diameter: 3,2 x 6,2
  • Non flammable
  • Operating temperature: -70°C to + 200°C


  • Precise pressure point
  • Outstanding dosing capability
  • Lower leverage
  • Shorter braking distance
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Safe against marten browsing
  • Performance like the pros: lightweight, robust, resistant
  • Highest original SPIEGLER quality!
  • TÜV compliant