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Spiegler – Everything from a single source

Like no other company in the German motorcycle industry, Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH stands for the highest quality in the manufacture of Steel braided lines for motorcycles and Steel braided lines for cars and the entire automotive sector, as well as for first-class service and product development in the motorcycle brake technology sector.

With the takeover of Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH by Mr. Johannes Wehrle in 2014, Mr. Wehrle set himself clear goals to position the company as a brand even more strongly on the market. He also takes on the challenge of establishing the "original" Spiegler with high-quality accessories at the top of the market in the long term.
A long-term business relationship based on partnership with our dealers is important to us.
Since there should not be a lack of specialist staff for sporty accessories and braking technology in the high-performance area, the specialist dealers at Spiegler Bremstechnik GmbH are looked after with specialist staff and professional and specialist service. Our concept, which is unique in Germany, is evident from production to distribution and all from a single source. This should remain so in the long term!

Range extension RIZOMA

Spiegler Bremstechnik has been able to convince itself of the quality and good service of the Italian manufacturer and partner Rizoma in recent years.
You can access the range via the online shop www.spiegler.de/rizoma-store.

At the beginning of 2022, the company developed a completely new product.

From our own professional brake and clutch lever for sports models as well as for Harley Davidson models. The brand new ones Motorcycle brake & clutch lever Tusker PROtuskerClassico and the BEAZON levers for Harley-Davidson bikes, impressively complement the PREMIUM product range with top values in all tests. 

In July 2022 Spiegler takes over the company GSG Mototechnik GmbH,

which has been supplying the company with first-class motorcycle accessories since 1985. Because the GSG company also attaches great importance to quality and knows that these claims are safe in the hands of the Spiegler company.
This expands Spiegler's product range in the area Motorcycle crash pads, rear stand mounts such as Brake and clutch fluid reservoirs - according to his motto "EVERYTHING FROM ONE SOURCE".

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